SPRING/ Summer 2019

April 21 ROCK INN, Estes Park w/ Martin Gilmore 5-8pm

April 27 ROCK INN, Estes Park w/ Martin Gilmore 6-9pm

May 3 ROCK INN, Estes Park w/ 6-9pm

May 25 Teaching Wernick Method Bluegrass Jamming W/ Kevin Slick at Meadowgrass Festival Colorado Springs.

June 25-28 • Roots and Boots Music Camp #1 Arizona Nordic Village, Arizona early enrollment still available!

June 29 • Perform with instructors from Roots and Boots Music Camp: John Reischman, Chris Brashear, Peter McLaughlin, Rebekah Rolland, Matt Rolland, Avram Siegel

June 8-14 • On staff at Miles of Music Camp on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee

July 19 • Snowygrass Festival kick off w/ Sharon Glassman, Paul Kitteck, & Dusty Rider Snow Peaks Winery 5-8pm

July 20 • TBA

Aug 24 • Tumbleweed Festival Garden City, KS